29 June 2011

You've been trumped

One of the most shameful decisions by a Lib Dem council group was that by those running Aberdeenshire. In 2008 they backed the avaricious American property tycoon (and employer of some of the most creative hairdressers in the world) - Donald Trump - to tear up acres of pristine beach at Balmedie, north of Aberdeen, to create an exclusive golf resort for his millionaire chums.

The decision split the Lib Dem group and allowed the SNP government to slip off the hook when the decision was called in and endorsed by Alex Salmond. However a protest movement called Tripping up Trump have filled the gap left by local Lib Dem complicity.

Tripping up Trump have run an excellent campaign - highlighting the bully boy tactics used by Trump and his threatening of compulsory purchase of elderly residents' homes. The campaign looks like it might just succeed with the announcement last week that Trump's plans were being put on hold.

They have produced an award winning documentary which they plan to screen in New York:

But they need support to do so. So if you want to find out more about the campaign you can do here. And if you want to donate to their fund to screen the film in New York click here.


  1. Hi there - just to correct an important point in your blog.

    You've Been Trumped was not in any way produced by the campaign group Tripping Up Trump and donations to the film's screening in New York, do not go to Tripping up Trump.

    You've Been Trumped was crowd-funded and self-funded, and produced by independent production company Montrose Pictures Ltd. Should readers wish to make a donation to Tripping Up Trump, they should go to the campaign group's own website.

    Thank you for highlighting the film and the issues raised by it.

    Best wishes, Anthony Baxter, Director

  2. Thanks for the clarification Anthony and good luck with the film.