15 October 2011

Lady Ga Ga's gaga gagging order

My reader may not be familiar with Moshi Monsters - but if you have young children you will be. Moshi Monsters is an internet phenonenom where kids can adopt pet monsters, play games and generally indulge in the sort of scatalogical silliness that more straight laced adults disapprove of. So it isn;t really surprising it has gained 50 million members in just three years.

It's cast of characters includes Lady Goo Goo, Dr Strangeglove, Coolio (an ice cream cone obviously) and you can shop in Horrods or play the Iscream game - you get the picture. The idea that anyone would take it seriously is frankly bizarre.

So it is somewhat surprising that Lady Ga Ga - who shot to fame wearing a dress made of bacon (how very Moshi Monsters) - has successfully launched an injunction against the monsters and had Lady Goo Goo's 'Moshi Dance' banned.

This is a total abuse of her fame and fortune and entirely counterproductive. Kids are not stupid - they understand the pun and mine were certainly drawn to Lady Ga Ga as a result. Once kids know who is responsible for reducing their enjoyment I'm sure they will be less enthused by Lady Ga Ga. Today's eight year olds are tomorrow's record buyers (or downloaders).

Anyway, just in case you haven't caught Lady Goo Goo and her Moshi Dance here it is (before it is taken down):

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