3 August 2012

Friday favourite 70

The news that the century old Liberal goal of democratising the House of Lords is to be dropped due to Tory intransigence, will put more pressure on an already strained relationship between the governing parties.  But it would be foolish to end the coalition over this issue - however important it is to constitutional reformers.

Hopefully the Liberal Democrats will use the leverage that this Tory breaking of the coalition agreement gives them to promote some popular and more meaningful liberal reforms.  But given their track record in government I fear they wont.

Which reminded me of one of the finest lines in Blackadder, where Melchett's driver - Bob Parkhurst (who is a woman in disguise) says she/he 'wanted to see how a war was fought - so badly'.  The Liberal Democrats have wanted to see what it's like to be in government - so badly - and as Blackadder responds they 'have come to the right place'.  Anyway here's Blackadder Goes Forth - Major Star...

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