18 September 2012

Lib Dem conference - advice for terrorists

I am now likely to be heading to Brighton for a couple of days work during the party's conference.  I have reluctantly accepted that I need to be vetted by the police if I wish to gain access to the 'inner sanctum' as it were.

However, in addition to the general opening of the party's books to Sussex Police, the party will not now allow an individual party member to attend as a day visitor for more than a single day.  I phoned the party's conference office to explain that I was happy to pay 2x £35 for two days visitors passes - but was told for 'security reasons' this was not possible.  When pressed it was to 'avoid two records of the same person' - ie bureacratic convenience. Result - I am paying for 1x £35 for a single day pass and not going to the 'inner sanctum' on the first day.  The consequence for the cash strapped party is lower income and more dissatisfied activists.

It is also unconstitutional under para 6.5 of the Lib Dem constitution which says:

"The Standing Orders of the Conference shall provide for consultative sessions of the Conference at which any member of the Party may speak, and for members who are not representatives to address other sessions of the Conference, but such provisions shall not prejudice the right of the chair of a session to select speakers."

So there you are terrorists - don't bother trying to recce Nick Clegg on day 1 - just blow yourself up at the first opportunity.  (Or go to the Metropole Hotel - which is outside the secure zone and venue for many of the fringe events).


  1. Cheers, Dan. Thanks for that. You've really made me look forward to Conference now. You are, of course, absolutely right. This whole accreditation nonsense is beyond ridiculous.and will make nobody safer.

    Hope we can catch up for a drink.

  2. ..As an ex Lib Dem voter I have to say: don't worry, sh1t don't burn..