16 October 2012

Beeb to air 'You've been trumped'

News from the Tripping up Trump campaign arrives in my in box saying their award winning documentary about the stand off between local people and ludicrous US golf magnate Donald Trump will be aired by the BBC on Sunday 21 October at 10pm on BBC2.  

You can watch the trailer here.

1 comment:

  1. I was totally speechless when I saw "You have been Trumped" the other night. How the scottish government could have been taken in by his so called promises is beyond me. The man is a clever but egotistical fool who believes all with be taken in by his grandiose promises. The landowners came over very well and it is a terrible thing that man did to them. As regards the police ,in particular the policeman who did the arrest well he will regret that for the rest of his days. One only can hope that something comes along to scupper his golf course,he is probably helping that by charging £195 a round-I a golfer for 40 years will not set foot on it.