1 September 2013

Davey meets local Lib Dems and talks Syria

A hastily arranged meeting this evening at a local church hall saw Kingston and Surbiton MP and Energy Secretary addressing local Lib Dem members about the Syrian crisis, the recent Commons vote and his and the government's position.

Although extremely well received - particularly for his openess to question and debate - my feeling was that the vast majority of those there remained unconvinced of the need for any military action.

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  1. Yes, Ed should not confuse the polite, calm tenor of the meeting with support for anything he was saying in favour of military action. The 30 or more people at the meeting were serious and very much opposed to the military action, which they thought would make a bad situation even worse.
    Not one of the questions or comments in the 2 hour meeting supported his vote in favour of military action.
    Ed said that military action had been expected to have been completed by the time of this Sunday evening meeting. This shows that the government's suggestion that there would be a second vote in parliament before UK involvement was not what it seemed.
    Ed needs to reflect on this meeting of his local party members and ask himself if he is best representing the people of his constituency by supporting Cameron's dash to war.