3 December 2010

Question Time exposes lunacy of tuition fee abstension

It's not often that Question Time highlights anything salient in the political sphere, but tonight's grilling of Danny Alexander showed how ludicrous it would be for Lib Dem ministers to abstain for the sake of party unity.  Particularly as they support the revised policy.

Alexander even made the reasonable point that he wanted to vote in favour of the revised Browne proposals, but was trying to persuade backbench colleagues to do the same.

I actually now think those Lib Dem MPs who now abstain or vote against will be in a worse position than those who vote in favour.  They won't get any benefit because anyone who thinks the Lib Dems have betrayed students won't notice their individual position and they won't be able to honestly argue in favour of any of the Cable inspired improvements to get any credit for the new system.

The Lib Dem parliamentary party should bite the bullet and all vote in favour of Vince Cable's proposals.

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