30 June 2012

Cllr Dennen resigns again...

Back in March, I reported one of my local councillors - Tim Dennen - left the Lib Dems to sit as an independent, citing 'personal reasons'. 

Over the intervening months it has become clear that he has become close to local Tories - who obviously have wooed him assiduously.  This close relationship culminated with him being supported by the Tories for the Chair of Kingston Town Neighbourhood - the local area committee that deals with planning, local environment and other community issues.  It, like everything in local government these days, comes with a generous stipend of £10k (on top of the basic £7.5k) for chairing a committee that meets six times a year.

With the resignation of a Lib Dem councillor in next door Grove ward at the beginning of June - the balance of the neighbourhood changed - with five Lib Dems, five Tories and Tim Dennen.  So at the June 13th Neighbourhood meeting the Tories seized their opportunity and voted for Dennen as chair with a quid pro quo of Dennen backing a Tory as vice-Chair.

Well the love in hasn't lasted long.  Just 15 days later Dennen has resigned as Chair and returned to the back benches.

Given the Tories knew in March that Cllr Dennen has 'personal reasons' for his exit from the Lib Dems one has to wonder if they did any due dilligence on him before stitching up their deal?  If not, it suggests a level of incomptence that might mean the public might question their fitness for office. 

But if the Tories did indeed know what these 'personal reasons' were in advance of backing him for chair, then his resignation proves what a cynical, unpricipled and manipulative bunch they are.  And that might also mean the public might question their fitness for office...

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