30 June 2012

The strange history of Conservative Adrian Amer

As the by-election in Kingston's Grove Ward enters its final days the Conservative campaign has turned distinctly negative with an array of attacks on the Lib Dem administration of the council.

Their candidate a Tony Robinson look a like - named Adrian Amer - is described on the Tories election website as a: "Local Candidate, Crime Fighting Barrister, Kingstonian...  Adrian has lived in Kingston for most of his adult life. He has been actively involved in the Community in Kingston for over 20 years and stood as a candidate for Grove ward in the last election.

But it wasn't always that way.  Mr Amer has more political experience that the Tories are prepared to admit.  He has stood for Parliament - in the 1992 general election.  But he wasn't a Conservative then.  He stood as a 'continuing Liberal' in the Kingston constituency - won by then Chancellor Norman Lamont.

Apart from describing the Conservatives as 'greedy and selfish', his policy platform included:
  • Unilateral nuclear disarmament
  • Full cooperation with European partners - including defence 
  • An end to NHS trust hospitals 
  • The incorporation of the European Convention on Human Rights into UK law
  • Complete hunting ban
  • Phasing out all nuclear power stations
One wonders if he still holds these views and if so whether his new found friends in the Conservative Party agree?


  1. Oh my, Amer sounds like the sort of person who changes his policy views every time the wind changes direction. Some people will do anything to get elected to public office. A little birdy whispers that he is throwing a hissy fit after not being elected, and accusing the Liberal Democrats of all parties to have launched a homophobic campaign against him by saying it "was a straight fight between two candidates"!! Don't know anyone who knew that he was gay as he didn't seem to mention this in any of his pre election material. If the national polls show a drop in conservative support, what next for Amer? Get married and stand for Labour?!! Get real, Amer. The public aren't stupid. They respect honesty, consistency and truth. Maybe if Amer adopted these values, he may stand a chance. My friend Guido whispers to me that the Conservatives are muttering he may now be becoming a liability rather than an asset, moreso when he sought to capitalise on the grief of a local family during his campaign.

  2. ADRIAN AMER - THE MOST DISHONEST MAN IN KINGSTON POLITICS? Or, is he just a washed up former "Liberal" clutching desperately at any straw to try and get elected into public office?

    The public have once again spoken.

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