21 November 2012

Lords defeat for secret courts shows government needs rethink

With the Lords showing common sense and rejecting the government's plans for secret courts the BBC reckons the government will not accept defeat and 'go on the offensive'.

They shouldn't and Lib Dem ministers need to advise Conservative colleagues that attacking a fundamental tenet of western liberal democracy would be a deal breaker for many Lib Dem members and activists - just like the Home Office's ill advised proposals to increase internet snooping powers.

The breath of opposition to secret courts can be judged at their campaign website - and if you haven't added your name to the petition I recommend you do so now.

1 comment:

  1. Unfortunately the Lords didn't reject secret courts per se, but only tightened the conditions under which these procedures would take place.

    Sadly there was a large majority in favour of the principle of secret courts - and that included a majority of more than two to one among the Lib Dem peers who voted.