19 November 2012

CIPR elections descend into farce

The Chartered Institute of Public Relations is the professional body for tens of thousands of people working in the PR, communications and lobbying industries.  It has had a troubled recent past, including six figure financial losses and relocation of its HQ.

Its recent presidential election was won by Lionel Zetter who stood on a platform of merger with other similar bodies.  But it appears now that this election is null and void and will have to be re-run as a result of one of the two candidates for President submitting their nomination late.

Here's an extract of the email I received earlier this evening:
"Under CIPR regulations on the conduct of elections, there is a one week period after the results are published when complaints can be received.  In the week following the elections, a complaint was made about a decision by the CIPR to allow one candidate’s nomination to be received after the deadline for submissions had passed.

In line with CIPR regulations governing complaints about election processes, a report was commissioned into the conduct of the elections for consideration by CIPR Council at a meeting on 19 November.

The CIPR Council has today considered the report.  It has voted that the acceptance of a late nomination has invalidated the result of the election and that the CIPR should take action in line with Article 8 of the Election Regulations.  This states that Council can order a fresh election.

CIPR will today inform both candidates and all CIPR members of the Council’s decision and further information on a fresh election will follow.

The report also contained recommendations for procedural improvements for the conduct of CIPR elections and any required regulatory changes will be considered and voted upon at the next scheduled Council meeting before a new election is called."
For an organisation representing those who are supposed to protect other people's reputations one would have thought someone might have foreseen this inevitable consequence of allowing a late nomination to stand - unless, of course, there was an ulterior motive for accepting it?

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