20 December 2012

Are the right always going to be less creative than the left?

A really interesting thought piece from Alexis Madrigal, Senior Editor, The Atlantic from LinkedIn suggests the Republicans are always likely to be disadvantaged in attracting the most creative types because of their social attitudes and policies.

There are clearly parallels that can be drawn on this side of the pond where the failure of the Tories to 'detoxify' is still a barrier for creative urban types in engaging with them.  And of course now, by association, for the Lib Dems too.


  1. I read the article.

    Since what Madrigal's idea of what it is to be 'creative' involves liking Japan, saying fuck a lot, eating Mexican food and wearing a moustache, I don't think we need get too worried about his analysis. On the other hand Madrigal should probably get out more.

  2. That would be the "right" who promote free competition, in ideas as everything else, technological progress, X-Prizes, & economic growth as opposed to the "creative" left who create centrally planned economies, a commitment to Luddism, banning things, going back to the age of windmills, banning shale gas extractionn because it can be done far cheaper than windmillery, censorship and government propaganda (see the BBC 28 gate) & terrorising people into obedience with false scare stories 928 gate again).

    As a liberal I believe that individual freedom is a necessary condition for creativity. As a member of the Pseido-Liberals perhaps you could explain why you believe the opposite?