20 December 2012

Tories come fourth in Surrey by-election

According to Vote UK, the Tories have managed to come fourth (out of four) in a rare Wednesday by-election in true blue Surrey.

The Lib Dems held the Sunbury Common ward with 46.3%, UKIP were second with 23.2%, Labour third with 16.1% and the Tories trailed in last with just 14.3%.

Needless to say the Spelthorne Council website still hasn't published the result. 

1 comment:

  1. Great news that the Tories came last, bad news that the miniature Tories won and UKIP coming second! As for Labour coming third, well if Labour party offer a real alternative to cuts they might just re-connect with their working class roots!

    I understand Spelthorne Lib Dems are half decent, but if they want to be respected they must denounce the Tories and oppose service closures!