3 June 2014

Rennard set to come back as general election director?

The Lib Dems are looking for a Director of General Election Strategy and the job description makes interesting reading:

Essential Skills and Experience

1. The ability to articulate a vision for Liberal Democrat electoral success in 2015
2.A record of delivering national electoral success.
3. 10 years’ experience of providing strategic leadership for a national political party .
4. A deep understanding of UK electoral politics.
5. A background and 5 years’ experience of delivering political marketing and market
6. 10 years’ experience of leading political communications or campaigns for a political
party, including for a national general election.
7. A passion for and a commitment to campaigning.
8. Experience of working with and inspiring volunteers and staff.
9. A demonstrated commitment to liberal values
10. A proven track record of success within electoral politics.
11. 5 years’ experience gained working in a senior role within government.
12. 10 years’ experience gained working in a senior strategic role within a political party.
13. An understanding of the political dynamics of coalition government.
14. An established understanding of the internal dynamics of the Liberal Democrats

Could this be the reason for Rennard's unexpected apology last week?  If it's not going to be Rennard - who ticks pretty much all the boxes - then who else could it be? 

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