30 August 2011

Edinburgh's trams back on track?

It looks like the SNP govenment has put Labour, Conservative and SNP councillors in Scotland's capital on the political naughty step for playing silly buggers with the tram project.

As I wrote last week, all three groups had ganged up on the Lib Dems (who are the senior adminstration partner) and voted to turn the tram project into a farce that would cost the city's taxpayers millions.

Now the beeb reports the government has said it will provide no more cash until councillors can agree a sensible route for the tram. A special council meeting has been called for Friday.

Expect Tory, Labour and SNP councillors to turn up with their tails between their legs.


  1. The only thing I was slightly worried about is that this might be a tactic by them to try and get the whole thing mothballed pending an enquiry.

    I am not convinced we're out of the woods yet just hope that all the disruption suffered so far by city businesses, not to mention the sacrifice of one of the best pubs in Edinburgh, isn't going to be in vain.

  2. Looking likely a sensible decision will be agreed: http://local.stv.tv/edinburgh/news/268381-back-on-track-edinburgh-trams-will-now-go-to-st-andrew-square-after-snp-change-of-heart/