9 August 2011

Lib Dems should vote against using terror powers on Thursday

Parliament is to be recalled in response to the 'Dolce and Gabbana' riots.

The question being asked on the interweb is - is it to enact powers contained in Labour's anti-terrorism legislation?

Stephen Glenn has a good post about what this might entail.

This would be an illiberal overeaction. What this situation needs is good police intelligence to find out where the organisers are targetting in advance and robust police tactics on the street.

Anti-terror powers would appeal to the right wing mob - but have little practical effect other than to curb the liberty of the 99.99% of Londoners who are going about their law abiding business.

Lib Dem MPs should vote against these draconian powers if proposed by the Tories (and no doubt supported by Labour).

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