7 November 2011

38 Degrees in vote rigging scandal?

This post and comments from George Potter's blog claims the people behind 38 degrees are manipulating their web voting system to get the results they want.

I'm not surprised if this is true - any organisation set up on the basis of populism - from whatever strand of the political spectrum - is always going to face the dilemma of what happens when you're out populist by others.

In issues like these I'm always reminded of Gaitskell's put down of Nye Bevin - 'Nye that's not a policy it's an emotional spasm'.


  1. Just in order to clarify, after looking into the issue a bit more, I've found out that they haven't so much as rigged the vote as accidentally lost aroound two thousand votes, regularly promised to restore them and then never did so despite it being months since it happened.

    So probably not deliberate vote rigging but certainly the next worst thing.

  2. Thanks George - I'll put that down as a non-clarification clarification!