18 November 2011

Friday favourite 33

Tomorrow is the 35th anniversary of the release in the UK of the Rutles seminal 'Tragical History Tour' album - even though it had been released in the US nine years earlier. It marked the start of the band's decline, following the departure of their long time manager and confidant Leggy Mountbatten who had tragically accepted a teaching post in Australia. It was rightly panned by the critics and the official Rutles site describes the concept as 'not the stongest idea for a Rutles film, four Oxford History Professors on a walking tour of English Tea Shops'.

Just over two years later irreconcilable differences saw the band who had inspired both the Beatles and the Stones split for good.

But here they are at their pomp at the Che Stadium in New York in 1965:

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  1. I have the video which includes their hit, "I am the milkman".