15 November 2011

Wentworth Court residents should welcome Phylis Dixie plaque

The beeb reports that residents of Wentworth Court, St Mark's Hill, Surbiton are objecting to English Heritage's plan to award the building a blue plaque. The reason? Because it is in recognition of the woman who introduced striptease to the UK - Phylis Dixie - who lived there in the 1930s.

Now I have some local knowledge of St Mark's Hill and it is famous for being the road that gets you to Surbiton Station quickly. Now Surbiton Station is not without its architectural merits:

Wentworth Court however is not:

But that is not the issue. Dixie deserves a blue plaque - she is as iconic in the history of British smut as Sid James or Barbara Windsor. Both of whom - no doubt - residents of Wentworth Court would badger their local MP, Edward Davey, to recognise.

The sad fact is that Phylis Dixie's career post the second world war slumped and she died in penuary aged just 50 from cancer. But she did get to star in one movie - opposite Herbert Lom - this rather good blog tells more.

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