5 January 2012

Lallands Peat Warrior's fankle

The usually reliable Lallands Peat Warrior has got his knickers in a twist (or possibly a fankle) over the powers the Scottish Secretary - the usually invisible Michael Moore - has to determine the constitutionality of an independence plebisite.

It is quite clear - any referendum that says yes to Scottish independence - regardless of who organises it will be final. No Westminster based politician is going to block a democratic vote by the Scottish people.

The SNP and their online supporters should stop worrying about the minutiae of the existing constitutional arrangements and the upcoming Scotland Bill - what matters is their confidence in holding and winning a referendum. And I for one can't believe anyone north of the border takes anything Moore, Rennie or any other Liberal Democrat says seriously as they have made themselves entirely irrelevant to the constitutional debate by siding with those who call themselves 'unionists'.

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