10 January 2012

Time for Moore to stop digging

Despite Michael Moore's (no doubt) best intentions the Lib Dem response to the Scots referendum question just digs a deeper hole for the party whose very existence north of the border is hanging on a shoogly peg.

The table on this report from the Beeb shows how the party has allowed itself to be painted into a unionist hole into which Alex Salmond is shovelling JCB loads of seperatist rubble. The Liberal Democrats as a party that has always backed home rule should not be seen to be impeding the properly expressed wish of a democratically mandated Scots government.

A period of silence from Moore, Cameron and Osborne on the constitutional question would be welcome - and might buy the Scottish party some breathing space to remove itself from the unionist hook it has impaled itself on.


  1. I agree with your general analysis Dan, especially in regards the impalement metaphor.

  2. Thanks Andrew - John Mark Cole from a Welsh perspective also has an interesting post http://johnmarkcole.blogspot.com/2012/01/why-alex-salmond-rightly-holds-ace-in.html