15 January 2012

Why football fans should support this campaign...

My local newspaper - the astronomically titled Surrey Comet - has launched a campaign for the usurpers of English football - MK Dons - to drop the 'Dons'. The Dons is a recent historical reference to their aggressive take over of the true Dons - Wimbledon FC - who they renamed and moved 80 miles from their south west London home to Milton Keynes (the MK bit of their nomenclature).

The resurrection of Wimbledon is one of the greatest acheivements of the football supporters' movement in this country. The disenfranchised fans of Wimbledon set up their own club - AFC Wimbledon - recruited a new team and management and started in the 9th tier of English football - the Combined Counties League. They are now back in football league - just a division below the Milton Keynes version.

Given that Wimbledon's memorabelia - including the replica FA cup were returned to AFC in 2007 - it's time for MK to end the final link to their Wimbledon heritage. Back the campaign here.

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