26 May 2012

Is Nick Clegg a millionaire?

Some malingering trots turned up to enjoy the sunshine outside Nick Clegg's London home today - courtesy of UK Uncut.

UK Uncut commissar, Jean Sandler, 42, told the Beeb "Nick Clegg is one of the architects of austerity; he's a millionaire and lives in a £1m home."

On this ridiculous logic I am a third of a millionaire and many of my neighbours will be half or three quarters of the way there.  Of course the majority of the equity in my home is owned by the building society - as I imagine it is in most of my neighbours.

Cabinet ministers are, of course, barred from having any outside interests so the only pay Nick Clegg receives is his combined MP and DPM salary - approximately 10% of millionare status.

So what could UK Uncut mean that Clegg is a 'millionaire'? They couldn't possibly be referring to the money earned by Miriam González Durántez - a successful commercial lawyer?  So much for separate tax affairs for men and women then with UK Uncut...


  1. They probably mean that he owns personal assets above £1m; which does seem to be the case. It's a losing argument to suggest he's not a wealthy man from an even wealthier background.

    On the other hand UKUncut clearly are the idiot brigade.

  2. Perhaps they could protest outside the home of The millionaire Polly Toynbee. Or the millionaire Billy Bragg.

  3. To start off. I support the Liberal Democrats (although not all of their choices or actions). However a few points, you say "Cabinet ministers are, of course, barred from having any outside interests". In fact Ministers are allowed second jobs and may receive additional income form other sources.
    Also if Nick Clegg owns outright a home that is worth a million pounds then yes he is a millionaire (see google 'define millionaire' "A person whose assets are worth one million dollars or more."). Perhaps your neighbours are better off than you think.