1 May 2012

It was 15 years ago today...

...that saw the 1997 Blair landslide.  It was a campaign that largely passed me by - because I was in the thick  of the campaign that led to the Lib Dems most spectacular gain of the night: Edward Davey's overturning of a 15,000 Tory majority to win by just 56 after three recounts.

It was the only gain in a seat not targeted by HQ and therefore was largely off the media's radar.  In fact the only mention on the BBC election night coverage is a gold bar across the then Political Editor, Robin Oakley's, torso at around 8.20 in this clip:

But the best thing about the clip is the scene at the start where uber champagne socialists Ken and Barbara Follett fail dismally to open a magnum of bubbly.  Enjoy!

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