11 May 2012

What is going on in North Richmond?

A question usually answered with a resounding - meh...

But a routine by-election hold by Zac Goldsmith's well (extra virgin olive) oiled Tory machine on the day Boris won a second term has turned into something much more interesting.

Apparently a large number of fake Lib Dem leaflets were delivered from about 10pm until about 1am on eve of poll which claimed the Lib Dems were to build new tower blocks full of immigrants, social housing tenants and unemployed people.

Other than the three main English parties, there was a Green and an eccentric independent - Marc Leslie Cranfield-Adams who has been both a Lib Dem and a Tory (and probably UKIP too).

What used to be called special branch have been called in to investigate and they are apparently using the full force of New Labour anti terrorism laws to seize both Council and private individual's CCTV footage of the deliverers.

Given the logistics required a scanner, a desk top publishing package and access to mass printing/copying facilities as well as sufficient volunteers to deliver the stuff in a couple of hours, there can't be a huge number of suspects...

...so who is going to be collared?


  1. you would have to know how to artwork those leaflets in the same style - not easy to learn and learn in a specific way

  2. On what basis do you describe the Independent candidate as "eccentric"? As a serving Lib Dem Councillor who has worked and socialisd with him, I have found his politics to be moderate, his Christian faith to be orthodox and his lifestyle modest. Perhaps it is because he openly gay (although happily partnered for several years) that you regard him as eccentric? In which case, this shows a degree of small-mindedness and homophobia on your part.

    It is difficult also to see why would suggest that Cranfield-Adams has been a member of UKIP; if you knew his politics you would know this is most unlikely.

  3. I don't normally comment on posts by anonymous posters. But all I'd say it is one hell of a leap to go from thinking eccentricity means homophobia in one sentence.