30 May 2012

Time for the SFA to expel Rangers

Two events today show how Rangers intend to bully the football (and tax) authorities into allowing them to carry on as if their insolvency never happened. 

Firstly, they issued a draft company voluntary agreement (CVA) that outlines how they will meet the £135m they owe - most of which is to the UK taxpayer.  Their proposal is that creditors should receive 8p for every pound they owe.  At the same time they demand the right to remain in the SPL, sign new players and take the profit from selling existing ones.  All the while the the £80 million they owe to the taxman - that should be paying for schools and hospitals (among others) will be written off - all bar £600k or so.

The second event was their successful attempt at the court of session to overturn the football authorities ban on them signing new players as a punishment for bringing the game into disrepute.  The problem with this is that FIFA are clear that football disputes should only be resolved through football and sporting tribunals.  They recently threatened to expel the Swiss FA from world competitions for failing to take action against FC Sion who had gone to civil courts to overturn sporting punishment - just as Rangers have done today.

It is now clear Rangers now think they are bigger than Scottish football - they believe they should be allowed to spend money they don't have, defraud the taxpayer, cheat the football supporter, cover up their financial shenanigans and when they get found out - go unpunished and be allowed to do it all again. 

Over the last 20 years Rangers have consistently cheated - skewing Scottish football so much in their favour that only Celtc (sic) had the financial wherewithall to keep up.  In this time they made many attempts to leave Scottish football to play on a bigger stage - they have shown no loyalty to the SFA or Scottish football.

It's time for Scottish football to fight back - Rangers need to be punished in a way that reflects their long term cheating and fraudulent behaviour.  And that can only be expulsion from the association they were so keen to leave a few years ago.

If the SFA doesn't have the kahoonas to do it then FIFA surely will.

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