1 July 2011

Edinburgh backs trams

Edinburgh City council last night backed the partial completion of the city's tram project.

This is good news and good leadership by the city's Lib Dem led administration.

The tram project has rightly been held up to ridicule for interminable delays, overspends and continued resignations of project leaders. But much of the project's problems have stemmed from the way the project was devised by the previous Labour administration. The sad thing for the current administration is that the trams won't be running before the city goes to the polls, while voters will have had to put up with the disruption without seeing any benefit.

But the city will be a better place for the reintroduction of the trams and once the dust has settled the role of the city's Lib Dems and leader Cllr Jenny Dawe in rescuing the project will hopefully be realised. Whether it comes before May 2013 remains to be seen.

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