16 July 2011

Winchester's Friday favourite 15 (and an apology)

Had some business in Winchester today - the first time I had been there since the by-election in November 1997.

I came across this not inappropriately posh busking puppeteer on the High Street:

But as it's Friday it's time for my Friday favourite.

So this week's favourite is in honour of the Winchester by election and my last visit.

The by-election was won by Mark Oaten by nearly 22,000 votes on 20 November 1997. It was sadly the last election outing of Lord Sutch before he committed suicide and the election where Labour scored less than 2% of the vote - their worst ever score and lower than the Lib Dem share in the recent Inverclyde by-election.

So for your delectation here is the UK number one for that week in late November 1997.

And for it I can only apologise...

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