22 July 2011

Time for Lembit to stand down

Ballot papers are being received in the Lib Dem selection for its London Mayoral candidate. The first hustings took place on Wednesday and Lib Dem Voice carries a report here.

In addition to some bizarrely defensive comments from his campaign manager Ed Joyce on Lib Dem Voice, Lembit posted some frankly strange comments on Facebook, implying there is some sort of conspiracy against him.

It's clear Lembit has lost touch with any sense of reality. As Peter Black makes clear Lembit is blaming anyone but himself for the loss of Montgomeryshire last year.

Lembit has lost it. His flagship policy for London Mayor - a referendum on a 24 hour tube is both facile and impossible. He is now an embarrassment to the party and if London Region had had the courage they should have excluded him from the shortlist, rather than let him embarrass himself and the party by carrying on with his ridiculous campaign.

But they allowed him to stand and for the good of his mental health - if nothing else - Lembit should do the decent thing and withdraw from the race.

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  1. nah he shouldn't, he'll be lol