29 July 2011

How Zac Goldsmith bought his seat in parliament

The Electoral Commission has published the accounts for the main political parties and so far the focus has been on the failure of the BNP to submit its accounts and possible legal action as a result.

However the Electoral Commission also includes accounts of the various constituency parties. And the entry for Richmond Park Conservatives makes fascinating reading.

In it we find the party has a property portfolio - through the shadowy Thameside Property Trust - worth more than £2 million. This investment income was worth more than £60,000 in 2010 to Zac's campaign.

Line 11 of the accounts includes an entry for 'Notional income' which shows a grand total of £108,602 for the period 09/10. You have to read the notes on the penultimate page of the accounts to find out that this is the 'private expenditure on campaigning' by Zac Goldsmith.

The accounts claim that a Mrs Sarah Tippett is the registered treasurer (she is also the Chair). According to Richmond Park Conservative's website she works for the Rupert Murdoch owned Fox Sport.

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