31 July 2011

Guido Fawkes - hypocrite or stupid?

The one thing that kept many liberals reading the increasingly strident and reactionary Guido Fawkes blog was that he claimed to be some sort of libertarian and stood up against vested interests and corruption.

However, his latest campaign (if it really warrants the name) is to reintroduce hanging and he hopes to force the government to have a debate by getting 100,000 names on his petition.

Aside from the cant and hubris in his belief that his website is some sort of moral crusade - his campaign does two things:

Firstly, it confirms Paul Staines and his side kicks are simply just right wing reactionaries whose claims of political neutrality are now simply ludicrous.

Secondly, it exposes his huge hypocrisy. For a site that claims to be libertarian, distrustful of government (of all types) and in favour of a smaller state - campaigning to increase the state's power over the ultimate - life and death - and at the same ignore its ability to get things wrong shows a stunning level of hypocrisy/stupidity (delete as appropriate).

So when Staines fails either to get the signatures needed, or the debate, or loses the debate (which he will if it gets that far) - it will send out a clear message that self important right wing loons - of both the tea party in the US and of the Staines variety in the UK are part of the problem - not the solution.

Oh and if you want evidence of his self importance - enjoy this:

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