10 May 2013

Brighton and Hove Greens attack each other over equal pay

Brighton and Hove Green Party have issued an extraordinary press release attacking their own City administration (leader - the wonderfully named Cllr Jason Kitkat) over plans to end sexism in council pay structures.

The plans equalise historic pay structures so that female staff are paid the same as their male counterparts and as a result a small number of staff will lose out - for which they will receive compensation.

But this isn't enough for the watermelon faction in the local Greens who have attacked the council and vowed to  campaign against it.

Local Green MP, Caroline Lucas said, "Since the negotiations began, I have made my opposition to any cuts in take home pay very clear. I am therefore disappointed that, whilst some will gain from this process, a number will face a reduction in the money they have to live off each week.

"This is unacceptable.  With the support of the local Green Party, I have pledged to campaign against proposals made to workers that will lead to a loss of pay."


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