25 May 2013

Just 8.8% vote in CIPR election

The Chartered Institute of Public Relations represents some of the country's most important communication professionals, including those practising the dark arts of political spin.  The membership are supposed to be some of the most politically aware and knowledgeable people in the UK.  So what to make of the frankly laughable turnout of just 8.8% for its re-run Presidential election?

The previous election was cancelled amid confusion over an apparent late nomination, in considerable publicity within the industry.  So one would have thought members would have no excuse not to cast their votes.

The turnout details from the electoral Refom Society are hidden away on the CIPR website with their news item simply referring to the winning margin 68%:32%.  But here is the breakdown:

Number of eligible voters: 8010
Votes cast by post: 20
Votes cast online: 683
Total number of votes cast: 703
Turnout: 8.8%

So the next time some politician lectures the benighted electorate for not bothering to vote - no doubt written by their PR Officer - perhaps they should be reminded to check a bit closer to home...

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