7 May 2013

Which Lib Dem seat had the worst local election result?

Much has been made in the days since Thursday's local election rout of the resilience of the Lib Dem vote in seats held by Lib Dem MPs.  But what to make of this aggregated county election result from Lewes - a seat held by Lib Dem transport minister Norman Baker - with a majority of more than 7,500?
UKIP 6476 22.7%
Con  6412 22.5%
Ind   6344 22.3%
LD    5588 19.6%
Lab   2005  7.0%
Grn   1669  5.9%

By way of comparison in next door Eastbourne the Lib Dems topped the poll, leading the Conservatives by 6% and UKIP by 8%.

Was there a worse result in a Lib Dem held seat last Thursday?

Source: Vote UK Forum

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  1. But as the Vote 2013 website says, the stats are not completely accurate as two County Divisions go over the border with nearby constituencies.
    If you look at the results for seats wholly within Lewes, they show a three way split with Lib Dems, Cons and UKIP: Cons 23.9%, UKIP 23.3%, Lib Dem 22.5%, Ind 14.7%, Labour 7.9% and Green 7.5%