23 May 2013

New north Kingston secondary school - Goldsmith tries to claim credit for Tories

Yesterday it was announced that Education Secretary Michael Gove had approved plans for a new 'free' secondary school in north Kingston.  This was despite Gove cancelling similar plans a year ago, causing unnecessary anguish for local parents concerned about the lack of secondary places for bulging promary classes to move on to.

Parents had been campaigning for years for a new school - almost since a previous Tory Council closed the local Tudor secondary school and the on/off saga's final success was almost entirely down to their resolute campaigning.

So it was somewhat strange to receive an email from local Tory MP Zac Goldsmith containing the following:
"I want to thank Nick Whitfield, Kingston's Director of Education, as well as your local Conservative Councillors for the work they have put into making this happen. And above all, I want to thank the Secretary of State for listening."
In contrast Lib Dem Parliamentary campaigner, Robin Meltzer said:
" This announcement is a victory for everyone who has campaigned for so long to make this a reality. Congratulations are due to Kingston Educational Trust, and most importantly to the hundreds upon hundreds of local parents and campaigners who stood up and made themselves heard on this issue. We need a new school, a good school to serve all our children as they leave our excellent primary schools, and now we are to have one."

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