30 November 2010

Why saying nothing may be the best policy

Another week, another student protest against tuition fees.  Another Lib Dem minister making a hash of a statement.  And with the added confusion of 100+ losing Lib Dems stirring for all their worth.  More Labour glee and trotskyite trouble making.  The only comfort for Vince Cable is that at least he's in a warm dry studio and the protestors are out in the cold and snow.

Except it's futile - NUS has no intention of listening - they are only interested in doing their political masters bidding (political masters who have included - let's not forget - Phil Woolas, Lorna Fitzsimmons, Jim Murphy and other vacuous new Labour careerists).  And anything the leadership says simply inflames the grass roots of the party.

So my advice for Cable and co is to stop saying anything at all, get on with their jobs, vote however they see fit when the debate comes and stop being so apologetic.  After all Labour's 'betrayals' of students in 1997 and 2001 when they did the polar opposite in office of what they said in the election were promptly forgotten by the next generation of students who knew nothing other than the system they became used to.

Oh and by way of homework they could Google 'NUS protests against tuition fees 1997' to see just how hypocritical the NUS is being...