31 January 2014

Friday favourite 136

I stumbled across this the other day.  It shouldn't be funny but somehow it is...

30 January 2014

London waterways sound map

Thanks to Laura Willoughby for introducing me to the London Sound Survey and their Harry Beck inspired map of London's waterways.

27 January 2014

Robin Meltzer meets New Malden's North Koreans

There are approximately 400 North Koreans living in and around New Malden and I was delighted to be able to meet some of them on Saturday night with Robin Meltzer - the Lib Dems excellent candidate in Richmond Park constituency.

And if anyone doubts the need for the UK's borders to remain open to refugees and those fleeing persecution then a few minutes in their company should disabuse them of the idea.

17 January 2014

Friday favourite 135

This is for Tim Snowball, the Liberal Democrats' Director of Political Operations:

6 January 2014

Former Liberal MP appears on Antiques Roadshow

Former Richmond Park MP, Jenny Tonge, appeared with a couple of antique Spanish chairs on yesterday's edition.

You can catch the exchange on BBC iplayer here at 41 mins.

4 January 2014

Friday favourite 134

The beeb have run a series of documentaries about ABBA over the festive season.  And it reminded me of just how complex their songs are.  And it is also an opportunity to feature this 1984 Blancmange cover of 'The day before you came'.