11 January 2017

Merryl Streep's speech sums up why liberal America lost

Merryl Streep predictably got both barrels on twitter from US president elect, Donald Trump, for her speech at the Golden Globes.  But I get the sense the more the liberal elite in America whinge about Trump and his supporters the more they strengthen him - just like those on this side of the pond who denigrate supporters of Brexit.

The rich elites both sides of the Atlantic who enjoy highbrow culture, foreign travel and an international outlook have never been more remote from the people they claim to look out for. 

Kevin Garside in the Independent nails this elitism far better than I could saying of Streep that she,
"flagged the kind of detached, contemptuous attitude of the elites towards blue collar America that allowed Trump through the White House door"

It's well worth a read.