22 February 2011

Labour's smear of Miriam Clegg shows their panic over Blair and Gaddafi

A Labour MEP has written to Nick Clegg trying to implicate Miriam González Durántez in lobbying on behalf of the Gadaffi government.

It's pure Labour smear - straight from their playbook. I have a copy of the official advice from Labour called 'Beating the Liberals - lessons from Lambeth'. In it it gives Labour campaigners the following advice:

"Find one flaw and smear them all. Go negative until swamped by complaints. Then do it again."

Labour know that if the revolution in Libya is successful then the likelihood is that official documents over the roles of Blair and Brown in the rapprochement of the odious Gaddafi, oil deals and the Magrahi release will come out.

The smear is a simple distraction from the big picture that shames Labour and one that they are clearly achingly embarrassed by. Which is why I'm reproducing it again.

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  1. The Libyan rebels challenging Moammar Gadhafi demonstrated their increasing military coordination and firepower Sunday, as defecting officers in the east took steps to establish a unified command.