3 January 2012

Backing 'none of the above' in Liberal Voice poll

Lib Dem Voice is holding its annual Liberal Voice of the year poll. And a pretty unispiring choice it is too.

Two of the short list stand out: Mohamed Bouazizi - whose self immolation (ahem) sparked the Tunisian uprising - and Chinese human rights campaigner Ai Weiwei. But neither's actual political views are definitively known to be liberal rather than simply opposed to oppression and injustice. The rest of the shortlist is a ragbag of names who may have uttered something vaguely liberal at some point in the last thirty years.

It's obviously not to be taken too seriously, but surely the chaps at Lib Dem Voice towers could have produced a more reflective list of truly liberal movers and shakers than they did?

1 comment:

  1. I think you're being a little harsh on the list -- it's an interestingly varied spectrum. But just to be clear: the nominations are those of party members, not of the chaps (or chapesses) at LDV Towers.