6 February 2012

Davey shows Lib Dem ministers how to do it

Having been in his new job for less than a day, Ed Davey, has made an immediate impact with a single phone call.

The call was to the excellent Martin Lewis - the money saving expert - to talk about how collective consumer led switching of energy suppliers could work in the UK. Switching energy suppliers can save individuals around £300 - so a voluntary collective approach could bring big benefits for those who sign up.

It's the sort of principled Liberal policy other Lib Dem ministers - using their executive powers - ought to be pursuing. And working with respected websites like Money Saving Expert - with more than 13 million visitors a month also shows the way forward. One mention by Martin Lewis is worth approximately 52 mentions in the Guardian or Times.

1 comment:

  1. Perhaps the politicians should be urging their
    voters to take action and political stances rather rhan voters asking their politicians to speak and act on their behalf.
    Perhaps we might get a bit more done that way.