1 April 2012

Tripping up Trump does Bohemian Rhapsody

This blog has featured previously the fantastic campaign waged by Tripping up Trump (supported by the magnificent Jonathan Meades) against Donald Trump's arrogant, insensitive and vulgar attempts to destroy Balmedie beach in Aberdeenshire.

Youtube pulled this video - despite Brian May supporting it (no doubt under threat of Mr Trump's learned friends).

But it's worth wide circulation.

Donald Trump does Bohemian Rhapsody from Hazel Cameron on Vimeo.


  1. brilliant entertaining video. i live in aberdeenshire and don't play golf, but i'd rather see his golf course built than nothing. funnny how when someone tries to progress something, suddenly EVERYONE uses the dunes for recreation. forbes's place was a disgrace and now is a national disgrace, and how can a caravan with temporary planning permission be "Paradise"? strange. if done properly, there was a great opportunity there and everyone could have been better off negotiating rather than losing a battle. ford and storr showed their inept attitude to the situation and in really it was all above them. they took it personally instead of professionally. local councillors should not be subject to making decisions on these huge planning applications. they've now shown that. they should however be allowed to sit in on a planning committee of a national planning committee size for major projects with professional help and guidance at hand. i also see his (trump's) point about wind turbines and again there is a simple solution. move them nearer the boddam power station where there must already be some form of infrastructure. maybe forbes, ford and co should have used a university lawyer to help their cause?

  2. Hmmm anon...

    Semi literate posting, supportive of the wigster and at a time on the eastern seaboard of the US when a few drinks after work (in Trump tower?) may have been imbibed - is that you Donald?

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  4. This Trump fellow is uncaring and arrogant, caring only for his multi billion funded dream of turning an environmentaly sensitive area into a playground for bat wielding flyin golfists. it doesn't matter what he promises re 'jobs' for the boys. It's about riding rough shod over local community feelings!

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