25 October 2012

Alex Salmond finally acts over Trump policing

After more than two years Alex Salmond has finally responded to his own constituents complaints about police tactics at the Trump golf course at Balmedie - including the bogus arrest of film maker Anthony Baxter. 

In a hard hitting statement statement Montrose Pictures accuse Salmond of 'deliberate silence and inaction' on the issue.  Interestingly Salmond is both a huge supporter of Trump and of nationalising Scotland's police force into one megaforce - meaning there would be no independent investigation of police wrongdoing.

And Salmond's complicity with Trump doesn't appear to end at policing.  In this piece by the excellent BBC film critic Mark Kermode - Baxter reveals that the Scottish government funded Edinburgh International Film Festival refused to show You've Been Trumped. 

So did Salmond try to censor a film that shows him in a poor light?

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