18 April 2013

Gryff Rees Jones - why comedians shouldn't appear on Question Time

Jones began his first answer by saying I agree with everything that the panel has said and disagree with everything too.

Unsurprisingly his answer then went downhill from there.

QT should stick to having a panel of politicians (surely a fundamental requirement of a political question and answer show?) and if it can't manage that it really shouldn't bother at all. 

It's typical of the BBC's mindset that it thinks mixing light entertainment with heavyweight political debate adds a new and vibrant dimension - when in reality all it does is distract from both and cheapens the debate on what are matters deserving of grown up discussion.

1 comment:

  1. I'm afraid to say that battle is over. Griff Rhys Jones is what QT is now - a comedy show for (mostly right wing) pundits and politicians who are chosen not for their political weight but for their ability to say outrageous things. Dimbleby stifles serious debate every time it gets started, usually by pointing out some inconsistency between what Mr A is saying now and what Mr A said five years ago, and then preening himself on being so clever. QT is a miserable sustained joke.