15 August 2013

Council by-election night

Last week saw council by-elections in Merton, Redcar, Swindon and Waveney in Suffolk.  And the Lib Dems polled 196 votes - not in any one of the contest, but in all four put together.  Swindon saw the highest share of just 3%.

This week there are four more by-elections in Hartlepool, West Devon, Walsall and West Berkshire.  The Lib Dems are standing in just half - Walsall and West Berkshire.

The result from West Bershire will undoubtably be better than anything last week or the others this week - but it shows how weak the party's infrastructure is if it can only seriously fight one in eight by-elections - some of which are in seats the party used to have MPs in.

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