16 December 2010

What Ed Miliband should put on his blank piece of paper...

Ed Miliband has junked every clause of the manifesto he wrote just six months ago and has said he wants to reach out to Liberal Democrats in developing a new centre left 'progressive' platform. Well in the unlikely event he asks me for his advice here's what I think he should write:

Socialism is dead - thank god - and in its lifetime proved to be one of the most evil ideologies of human history.

Working people are far better represented by independent trade unions - free of one particular political point of view.

The state is not always benign and when it becomes too bloated and overweaning it is just as bad as unfettered capitalism.

People should be allowed to live their lives as they see fit - provided they don't interfere with the liberties of others.

I realise now the Labour party has been a 100 year mistake and cannot ever be redeemed.

I resign.

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