31 December 2010

Zac Goldsmith wants you to vote for someone else

Among the least reported part of the the supine (or was it legally bullied?) Electoral Commission climb down on the Zac Goldsmith campaign's busting of the election expenses rules was this gem...

we note that the posters included Mr Goldsmith's image and the slogan "Vote for Change‟, either of which may or may not have been appropriate at a future election depending on a number of variables such as whether Mr Goldsmith intended to stand for re-election and whether the Conservative party was successful in being elected.

Well sadly he was successful in being elected. But he is now tied down to using these posters in 2015 - with his image featuring very strongly alongside the message 'vote for change'. And given his agent paid £2,792.97 for them, but allocated just £523.87 to Goldsmith Junior's 2010 campaign it would be dishonest for him to do anything else.

Electoral commission whitewash

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