13 July 2012

Ludicrous Olympic security

A navy 'gunboat' up the river, shoot to kill orders for airforce crew, more than 3,000 troops deployed, massive electric fences and surface to air missiles on local people's homes.  One might imagine we're living in some oppressive dictatorship determined to clamp down on dissent. 

But no this is London two weeks away from a festival that's supposed to celebrate - ahem - 'the spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play' (at the same time as being washed down by a glut of Coke and Big Macs).

The ludicrousness of this festival of security is summed up by a simple question.  If a rogue plane refuses to leave the 'no fly zone' over the Olympic park will Home Secretary, Theresa May, give the order to shoot it down - killing everyone on board and no doubt hundreds on the ground in one of the most densely populated parts of Europe?  If the answer to that is 'no' then the measures are pointless.  If the answer is 'yes' - well I'll leave my loyal reader to fill in the blanks...

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