26 July 2012

Coalition should call Balls's bluff over economy

On C4 news tonight Shadow Chancellor, Ed Balls, called for a grand coalition to deal with the economic crisis.  You can watch it here.

Obviously, given it's Balls he is unlikely to be serious about the offer - he's only interested in the short term tactical embarrassment ot the government.  But it carries risks for Labour - if they were brought into the key economic decisions, then they become just as culpable for this stage of the recession as the Lib Dems and Tories.  And that can only be a benefit to the coalition parties.

Which is why they should take him up on his offer.  But given the personal animosity between Balls and Osborne, the offer will be rejected and Balls's tactics will have (again) won the day over the supposedly superior strategist, Osborne.  But that shouldn't stop Vince Cable entering the fray.

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