30 September 2012

Remembering Keith Floyd

Keith Floyd's funeral was three years ago today.  Floyd was a punk chef - mates with the Stranglers - and his posh demenour betrayed his humble origins.  Which is probably why he was able to get on and annoy with equal measure a wide variety of people.

But he was a genius - and the man who taught me to cook - or at least throw ingredients in a pot while having a 'slurp'.  Here he is at his best - exploring artisan cuisine in humble surroundings (in the black country)...

On his death the other punk chef Marco Pierre White said, "The thing which is very sad is a little piece of Britain today died which will never be replaced. He was a beautiful man, his ability to inspire people to cook just with his words and the way he did things was extraordinary. If you look at TV chefs today they don't have his magic. It's a very, very, very sad day for my industry and secondly for a nation."

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  1. Irritatingly, Marco annoys me a lot, but that tribute was so fitting. I had planned an evening of Keith Floyd - three courses, and much, much wine - to celebrate his life on the anniversary of his death this year, but sadly the plans for that evening fell threw.

    Enjoyed reading this tribute, and I share exactly the same sentiments.